Company News

Welcome 2010
January 1, 2010
Welcome to 2010! We are very excited about this new year. With the customer portal coming out of beta and stable functionality for billing and support, we will be focusing most of our attention on increased functionality and SEO to get our site rated higher on Google.
Customer Billing Moves out of Beta
December 22, 2009
Our billing module was stabalized today and put into production. Customer bills now appear online and can be paid through Google Checkout.
Website Moves into Beta
December 1, 2009
My Startup Solutions web site moves into Beta stage of development. We will start testing primary functionality with our three current customers. User registration has been opened up, and bill pay is now going through production Google Checkout.
First Customer
December 12, 2009
My Startup Solutions would like to welcome its first customer Spectrum Graphics and Signs. Spectrums site is now live and out of beta. You can take a look at Congrats Specturm on your new web presence.
Company Founded
July 1, 2009
My Startup Solutions is founded. Hostname purchased and development of the primary site has been started. All functionality is considered to be in the alpha stage of development, and is not ready for customer interactions.